Very Good Comedy Show at West Side Comedy Club

Enjoy this clip of Robert Punchur (Neat Guy) performing on his Very Good Comedy Show at NYC's West Side Comedy Club. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for other standup sets, poetry, and acting. More sexcellence below...

Model Comedian

Robert lives in NYC but also spends time in Los Angeles where he films TV & commercial projects, performs on shows like this one at The Ice House, and sexes international bikini models. Fun!


Robert Punchur (neat guy) is a trained social worker and public advocate for mental health awareness and acceptance. Use your eyes and ears to watch this spoken word poem he wrote for Project UROK

The Desk with Dan Laitman! #FakeNews

Tune into NYC comedian Dan Laitman's YouTube channel for weekly topical news stories cohosted by Robert Punchur. It's The Desk! Maximum News, minimum pants.

Selling Happiness :)

Subscribe to Robert's YouTube channel for various sketches he wrote, produced, and acted in over the years. 

Carolines on Broadway

Robert Punchur played Carolines on Broadway, Dangerfield's, StandUp NY, Greenwich Village, Broadway, and New York Comedy Clubs all before he was legally old enough to buy a drink at one. 

Stoopid Genius Studios

Watch Robert Punchur's odd acting work as a gangster banana in Stoopid Genius Studio's ApeShit Bananarang! He followed it up with a performance as a sexy wolfman in Masks of Chaos.

Arthouse Acting

If the Stoopid Genius projects weren't visually and cerebrally wowing enough for you, take a gander at this expression of a fraction of Robert's artistic brilliance. And seriously - subscribe to his YouTube channel.